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Welcome to The N Theory, your premier destination for AI training tailored specifically for work staff. Enhance your team's productivity and innovation with our expertly designed mobile staff AI training. Ready to transform your workplace and unleash  the power of AI?

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Urban Community Marketing 

Connecting Brand Initiatives with Consumer Expectations to create lasting results.

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Artist Management

Full Wrap-Around Services

  • Negotiating contracts with record labels or agencies to secure the best terms possible for clients

  • Overseeing the artist’s public image, including wardrobe selection, hair styles and make up application, in order to project the desired image to fans

  • Communicating with managers at other companies to build relationships and share information about clients who may be a good fit for each other’s artists

  • Consulting with clients about their stage presence, including posture, body language, facial expressions, and gestures

  • Negotiating contracts with venues, promoters, or other businesses that wish to hire the artist for performances

  • Identifying opportunities for exposure in media such as television, radio, magazines, and newspapers

  • Reviewing contracts for legal compliance and negotiating modifications where necessary

  • Coordinating with agents at talent agencies to help select songs for albums and determine which songs should be released as singles

  • Monitoring online sales of music or merchandise to ensure that they are generating enough revenue to cover expenses

Branding Management

The Making Of A Brand

The N Theory team provides professional branding to individuals and companies. We specialize in Community Initiatives, Outreach and political campaign marketing. We provide reliable resources and relationships needed to deliver effective change your brand can be proud of. 

We also offer Artist Management to talented individuals looking to further their careers in the music, fashion and art entertainment.

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Introducing Friendly 
AI Ebook

A Beginners guide to unlimited possibilities through the scope of Artificial Intelligence


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