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Multiple Chances

It was 3rd grade reading class. The teacher handed us the1st test of the school year and to my surprise the answer was right there under the question. I figured they had made a mistake and gave us the wrong paper. I also noticed there were other answers there that were incorrect. My face must have given away my bewilderment, because I remember Mrs Jones say" children you have multiple choices to choose from, so choose wisely". I proceeded to complete my current task of choosing wisely. I remember thinking this is too easy, while my eyes focused on the answers being right there. How could anyone think this was a test when everything you needed to be successful was right there in front of you. Then I began to get upset and thought about how the person that didn't study now had a better chance of getting it right. You see what I noticed was the other choices, didn't make much sense. All a person had to do was read the choices and chances was, they would get it right. In a way, marketinga product is like a multiple choice test. You have several choices, but not everything will make sense. You would rather have multiple chances to speak to your consumer about your product then multiple choices that only confuse and hinder the decision making process.

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