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What Made Me Do It

After 31yrs, what made me do it? Why start now when I had a better shot in my younger years. The answer is simple. I played it safe. I decided a guaranteed salary every two weeks was my best option while raising 3 kids( now 31,25,18)

as a single Mom. Sure I could have stepped out on faith, but did my kids deserve the uncertainty. Some may object and say, there isn’t much security in working for someone else. I agree when you are average, the type who comes to work, do your job and go home. I wasn’t that employee. I was the one that came everyday, mostly on time and gave you everything I had to give. The type that went home with solution finding on my mind and returned in the mornings with PROBLEM SOLVED. So back to the original question... Why now? My youngest of 3 is in her final year of high school and headed off to her 1st choice college. Now is my time to do as I’ve always done and dive in head first, fighting for a legacy I can hand down to my granddaughters. It’s important to start them now, bc if history is any indicator of the future, they will not say, they played it safe.

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